Weekly House Update-Week 11

We are pretty much closed in! Roof, windows, and some doors have been installed. The garage doors are coming next week and our front door will stay off until the framers have finished blowing dust everywhere:) A lot has happened in a week so I’ll walk you through the updates. First up, the exterior. The roof turned out great. We love the shingle color and the dormers with all the trim on are gorgeous:)

house with roof and windowsThe house is wrapped and protected for any more rain that comes our way which is a nice feeling. Here is a closer look at the dormers and a side view of where the front covered porch will be.

dormers finished before paintWe will be painting the dormers {and by we, I mean Mike with a harness attached}. We have chosen our colors and I think they will tie nicely in with the brick.

dormer colorsThe back of the house is wrapped and has windows installed as well.

back of house with roof and windowsMoving inside, here is a little look at the garage door that will lead out back. Our garage ceilings are 11 1/2′ so it feels huge!

garage door to oustideThis is the living room/kitchen area with windows and our french doors installed. Both doors are functional.

interior with windowsIn the living room the fireplace is framed out. I am meeting with an installer today and hopefully that will go in next week as well.

fireplace framedThe tub in Molly’s bathroom is installed also. We will be tiling from the tub to the ceiling in there to make it feel bigger and more open. Depending on what tile you get, it can also be much less expensive {which it is in our case} than a tub surround…and it just looks nicer:)

molly bath installedWe did a final walk-through with our HVAC guy today. He has finished his rough-in and is ready for inspection. Molly thought he was hilarious:)

molly and mike with plumbingSo that’s it! This is the fun stage where things are moving along:) I love to see lots of workers out there at once getting this thing done for us. We can’t wait to get in there and get our hands dirty on the finish work soon!

close house with roof and dormersHappy weekend, friends!




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