Weekly House Update-Week 10

The roof goes up today! The dormers are in {and gorgeous!}, walls have plywood, the plumber has installed pipes, and the HVAC started their work as well. It’s been a very productive week 10! The house should be roofed in by Sunday and doors and windows will go in next week. Today, there will be the HVAC crew, plumber, roofers, and framers all out there working. I love a good, productive day of progress:)

front of house with trimmed dormersDon’t the dormers make a huuuuuge difference? Love.

dormers trimmedBetter them than me up there. Brave men:)

side of garage with plywood2They were working on adding all the plywood to the sides of the garage. There were stacks of shingles set around the house for the framers ready to go tomorrow.

back of house with chimneyThe chimney was also new as of yesterday. He had it trimmed out and ready for the roofers.

trimmed chimneyI snapped a quick picture of our brick when we were out there too. I don’t think I’ve shared it on the blog before, but here is the sample that was dropped by the house a few weeks ago.

brick sampleThere has been progress inside as well. The HVAC guys have been installing some of the floor vents and cutting out all the heat returns throughout the house.

heat ventThe plumber has been hard at work on the weekends. I know pipes may not be exciting to you, but it means big fancy shower to me:)

pipes in houseMy mom came out yesterday to see it and I snapped the sweetest pic of her and Molly playing around. Can’t wait for lots more of this once we live here:)

mom and molly on boards at property




  1. Gram could not believe all the progress that has been made since I had been out to the beautiful new house. Every window has the most gorgeous view! It is so open and spacious inside and that guest bedroom has my name written all over it (along with other friends and family too of course)! Molly gets so excited out there; I know she cannot wait to get moved in and start decorating her room! Brings back memories of building our house and what anticipation and fun we had watching our dreams all come true! Looking just perfect for the Hydes!!!!

  2. Lindsey says:

    Love all the progress! It’s so exciting and so worth it when you move in :) Can’t wait to come visit!!

  3. Terry Armes says:

    Jessie, it looks so awesome!

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