Vacation Recap-Disney World

molly in minnie ears

We spent last week in Orlando with my family. It was insanely hot {think 95 each day}, but we managed to still have a great time. We spent two afternoons at Disney parks thanks to my sweet cousin who has friends in high places that were able to get us in for free! ┬áThe biggest […]

Weekly House Update-Week 13

back of house ready for brick

Hi everyone! It’s been a bit of a quiet week around the blog-we’ve been on a nice, but very hot vacation! We went out to the property this morning to see the progress while we were gone and I snapped a few pictures to share. Not a ton of progress this week as we are […]

Spying on Your Baby-The Beauty of Video Monitors

Levana Video Monitor

It is good to be a parent in the 21st century. Technology lets us spy on our kids no matter where they are:) One of the items on any new parents must-have list is a video monitor. I can honestly say it’s been one of my favorite things to have since Molly was born. When […]

Weekly House Update: Week 12

front of house with trim putting on

We are soooo close to being able to get our hands in there…I can’t wait. All of our subs should be done by the middle of next week {HVAC, electricians, plumbers, framers} so we can get our inspection to insulate and drywall. Mike is going to spray foam insulate so we are hoping to be […]

More Recent House Purchases

clawfoot tub faucet

Shopping is so fun. I love it. And building your own house DIY-style means you get to shop for every last item in the house. Some people might find that to be absolutely terrifying or overwhelming, but I am loving every minute of it. The plumber says we need fixtures, Mike calls, I shop. It’s […]

Turning a Canvas Frame into a Picture Frame

house plans framed

Hello friends! I hope you all had a great weekend and were able to spend some time thanking and loving on all the daddies in your lives. This little girl loves playing with her dad:) She helped me make his Father’s Day gift too! I wanted to frame our house plans for Mike. He has […]

Weekly House Update-Week 11

house with roof and windows

We are pretty much closed in! Roof, windows, and some doors have been installed. The garage doors are coming next week and our front door will stay off until the framers have finished blowing dust everywhere:) A lot has happened in a week so I’ll walk you through the updates. First up, the exterior. The […]

House Lighting Design

Dream House Lighting Design

We met with our electrician out at the house yesterday morning and gave him the plan for lighting, outlets, etc. Mike and I had spent a lot of time Monday night going over the electrical plan and making changes, additions, etc. There are a lot of lights to plan for in a house! Never having […]