Weekly House Update: Week 9

It’s almooooooooost a house:) A little afternoon rain stalled the final roof deck boards, but it’s very close!

front of house with roof deck


partial deck boards frontMolly was very excited to see it all coming together:)

me and molly at houseThis is the garage side:

garage with plywood

And some views from the back:

back of house with plywood


back of house with plywood up clsoeHere is the updated timeline. Finish roof deck today. Finish plywood on walls possibly today. Then start working on trim. Dormer windows are going to be delivered on Tuesday and roof will go on next Thursday. The HVAC guy will start working on Thursday as well and only needs a couple of days to install. Hopefully next week’s update will look a lot different than today’s! Every week just gets us closer and closer. We are out there at least 5 days a week. Molly is getting so used to it, she can drive the route home:)

molly driving carJust kidding:) She was playing in the car while the rain came down. Today is the last day of school so I am ready to get this house going so I can spend some of my time off doing some interior work. Our apartment lease is up at the end of August so we are going to bust our booties as soon as we can get in there and work. Have a great weekend!




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