Simple DIY Pipe and Wood Coffee Table

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Happy Memorial Day! I hope you’ve all been able to enjoy the long weekend with family and friends. We spent some time down at the cabin and then worked on some projects around here! One of them was this really fun, new coffee table:

coffee table and couch

We love it. It even fits in our tiny apartment living room pretty well:)

I was recently contacted by Elmer’s to try out some of their products with mixed materials so we decided to try out a pipe and wood mix.

Elmer's Pro Bond Glue and Clamp Tape

We think it will fit in perfectly at the new house. It took just a couple of {labor} hours to make and was around $60. Here is the supply list:

  • coffee table supplies2-1″x4″x10′ standard boards
  • 1-1″4″x8′ board
  • 2-1″x2″x10′ boards
  • 1-1″ pipe {10′ long}
  • Elmer’s Wood Glue Max
  • Elmer’s Pro Bond Advanced
  • Elmer’s Clamp Tape
  • clamps

The best part is you don’t have to drill anything! That makes any project easier. We started by cutting all of our boards to size with our chop saw.

cutting coffee table piecesOur finished coffee table is 26″x48 1/2″ so we cut the boards as follows:

coffee table design

The trim skirt we added around the entire table adds a little bit which gives you the total measurements listed above. Once we had all of our boards cut, it was time to glue them together. It’s hard to believe that just wood glue will hold a whole table together, but it actually works really well. We ran a bead of glue down each side of the boards.

gluing coffee table pieces togetherThen pressed them all together and clamped them tight.

coffee table clampedThe bottle says it just needs to set for an hour but we left it for a couple while we ran errands. We were nervous to take it apart, but it held together really well and feels very sturdy. While those are drying, you can move on to the legs. We used pipe from the plumbing department at a home improvement store. It cost around $6 for the pipe. We decided how tall we wanted the table to set {16″} off the ground and cut our pipe accordingly.

measuring coffee table pipe

We also cut two side pipes and created a U shape {you will see below}. We used one of our cutting tools with a metal cutting blade. It cut very quickly, but some sparks did fly!

cutting coffee table pipesOnce they were all cut, we used 90 degree elbows, also from the plumbing department. We assembled the pipes into the elbows and spray painted it all. *Tip-you may want to have your home improvement store thread the pipe for you for a nice, tight fit.

coffee table spray paint

spraying coffee table legsWe used oil rubbed bronze color and it looks awesome.

coffee table legs put togetherOnce the boards were dry, it was time to add the side skirt pieces. This is totally optional, but gives it a finished look and also makes the table look thicker. We used the 1″x2″ boards for the skirt and cut the corners at a 45 degree angle.

cutting coffee table skirtWe also glued and clamped those into place, however you could also nail those in with a nail gun. Below you can see what the skirt looks like in place from the underside of the coffee table.

coffee table skirt underneathOnce the skirt was attached, I sanded and stained it. We used Minwax’s Dark Walnut. Finally, we had to attach the legs. Here is where we used the ProBond Advanced. This is the perfect product for projects like this because it saves time by not having to drill the Mixed Materials together. We used some floor flanges {also from the plumping department} to attach the legs to the underside of the table. We put a good amount of glue under the flange and used the clamp tape to keep it in place. The tape is awesome because you can clamp awkward areas, this like, with no problem. It adheres to itself so you just wrap it around and stick it to itself. It’s like elastic so it’s fun to play with:)

coffee table legs gluedLet that set for a few hours and it’s all done!

coffee table top

pipe coffee table legs

coffee table finished

coffee table side view

coffee table 1

coffee table legs

coffee table in living roomWhat do you think? I love how the pipe legs keep the table open so it doesn’t feel like it crowds the space. It’s the perfect height to prop your feet on:) Anyone else do any projects this weekend?


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