Weekly House Update: Week 8

Week 8 and we have a framed roof! They are actually putting up the last 10 or so boards on the roof frame today and then it’s time for more detail work. Next week the framers will be working on trim around the roof, adding the roof deck, and then getting ready to start putting in windows and doors. Our roofers are on the books to start at the end of next week so we can keep trucking along! The next few sub contractors we are lining up are HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and drywall. The mason can also start working while they are in the interior. We are hoping to have the interior subs finished by the end of June so we can start getting our hands dirty and get the inside going:) We will be starting some prep work in June {putting cabinets together, staining and painting doors, etc.} so as soon as they are all out we can get in and get started. I will share a post soon with the order of the steps we will be taking to finish the interior. We have set a goal to get it livable by the end of August when our apartment lease is up. The county we are building in is pretty laid back so I think we can get away with finishing trim or other small to-dos once we live there. Ok, here’s where we are now:

house with roof framedIts a house! I can’t wait to see the dormers in there too. I think once we have the roof deck, plywood walls, and dormers in it will look totally different and like the house we are picturing. The next picture is the back of the house.

back of roof framed



corner of roof framedBelow is the side of the house. The right side is the master suite. The first window you see is in our master bath above our claw foot tub. The middle window is Molly’s room and the left side window is another bedroom. This side of the house could have been a walk-out basement but with the layout of the basement, it didn’t make sense so we just added some windows for natural light.

side of house framed with roofBelow is the garage and you can see the front porch framed to the right {front of the house}.

side of roof framedBelow is the master suite. The right side is the bedroom and the left is the closet.

master suite framedHere we are in the living room and the open dining room is to the right.

molly and i in framed living roomMolly loves hanging out here. She is all smiles in the country:)

molly1With our 10′ ceilings, daddy has plenty of room to toss her in the air:)

dad throwing molly


molly throwing with dadIt’s all coming together! Each time we go out it honestly already feels like home. I am picturing furniture and just designed our master closet last weekend. I can.not.wait to have a closet again {I share with Molly in her room in the apartment} and a bathroom vanity that comes above my knees {our current one was apparently made for little people}. Along with the kitchen, the closet and bathroom are the rooms I am looking most forward to.

What do you think? Are you starting to see our vision too?





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