How to Install a Floating Floor

On Mother’s Day weekend we installed a floating hardwood floor for my mom. She had bought some beautiful hardwood awhile back and we finally got around to putting it in for her. ┬áIt’s a solid hand scraped hardwood that is installed by gluing the the tongue and grooves together and laying it over a vapor barrier/cushion/squeak preventer. My mom and brother tore out most of the carpet before we arrived so we started with a concrete slab. Mike had a few remaining nails from the tack strip to knock out and we were ready to start.

removing tack stripWe first rolled out the moisture barrier and laid out the first row. We put spacers to keep a gap for expansion.

wood floor spacersThe boards were random lengths so it was a a bit of a puzzle to keep seams from lining up.

mike starting mom's floorThe first 1/3 of the room seemed to take It took awhile to get into a flow but we finally got moving. We used tongue and groove wood glue from the home improvement store and glue the boards into one another. We then used painters tape to hold them together while they dried.

moms floor tapedYou can see by the end we went a little lighter on our tape usage:)

last rows of moms floorWe used a hammer and block to tightly align the boards but once we got to the last few rows we had to use a crowbar type thing.

installing glue floorWe let the tape set for 24 hours.

moms floor taped 2


moms floor taped 1And then they moved the furniture back in.

floating floor installed


floating floor finished


floating floor finished1It looks great! Even with all the different woods in the space, this new wood floor really richens the space up. We still need to go back and put the quarter round along the edges of the room and the fireplace hearth, but it looks great. It took us about 6 hours from start to finish. This type of flooring can be time-consuming because of the gluing and taping, but it looks great in the end!

Have you ever laid hardwoods?









  1. Angela Jones says:

    Best Mother’s Day gift EVER! I love my new beautiful floor and cannot thank my daughter and son-in-law enough! First just let me say that the two of them have NEVER laid hardwood floor before and I am simply in AWE of the very professional job they did! My daughter was even using the big saw to cut the wood; did not know she knew how to do that either; really impressive what all Mike has taught her! It was also a perfect day because I got to play with my adorable grandbaby Molly all day while they worked! Thank you very VERY much; love you both to pieces!!!!

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