Weekly House Update: Week 7

We’ve had a rainy-ish week here so not tons of progress but we are chugging along. The framers got all of the ceiling joists in and the porch headers in today. The columns are framed out for the porch and some of the plywood that will close the house in is up. There are different ways to create your walls. Plywood is one option and you can also go with a few different types of insulation board. We went with plywood for a few reasons. We originally had insulation board sent out but our framer wasn’t thrilled with the quality. We looked at the price of the fancy insulation board and the plywood was much more cost efficient {over half the cost}. It is also nice because you can spray insulate. If you use the foam board, you have to use regular insulation and Mike wanted spray so it worked for us in the end. Here is the front of the house. It looks a little different now with the porch headers and columns up. They will continue to add the plywood and start working on the roof. That is going to make a huge difference in the look of the house!

front of porch framed

This is the back of the house. They have part of it covered with the plywood and are working their way around. It’s easier to see windows, doors, etc. with the plywood up.

back of house with plywood


back of house partially boarded

Sometimes standing in front of the house it seems huge. We forget how small it is in the grand scheme of the property. This shot is from the top of the hill at the back of our property. You can also see our friend’s hole dug in the back right of the property. They will be moving out there shortly after us!

framed house from hillMolly and I wanted to check things out:)

molly and me walking to porch

side of porch framed


porch framed

Here you can see how they attached the framed columns to the concrete that was poured last week.

porch columns in concrete

It’s tough to tell, but Molly and I are standing in the front doorway. I can’t wait until we are standing there in front of the finished house:)

me and molly in framed door

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