Weekly House Update: Week 6

We have rooms and walls!!!!! It’s crazy to think we drew these rooms out almost a year ago and they are actually being built. It’s insane. And awesome. All the walls are framed and they started adding ceiling joists yesterday. I went out Monday and walked through the house with a sleeping baby and just starting picturing all the life we will live there. I can’t wait. Here is a quick overview of the framing you are about to see. The right side of the house is the 4 bedrooms. The left side is our 3 car garage. You will walk in through the garage into our mudroom and then into the open kitchen/living/dining room. I just took some quick shots of the house because I know all the boards won’t look as beautiful to you as they do to us:)

The front of our house is a 95-foot long porch that runs the span of the house. You can see where they have prepped for concrete that will hold our columns across the front of the porch that hold up the roof. The large white tubes sticking out of the ground will be filled with concrete tomorrow!

front of house framedThis side of the house is the bedrooms:

right side of house framedThis is the garage side.

garage framedYou can tell the house sits up a little bit but once we get the dirt leveled out on the front it won’t look so lopsided:) The garage is framed also:

garage door framedAgain, the framing isn’t really easy to understand and follow if you are looking at pictures on here so I’ll just show you a couple of highlight rooms. Below are the windows and french doors in our living room that will lead out back. Lots and lots of light. We won’t have much painting to do in this room {or any rooms really}-we stuck windows everywhere we could!

living room windows framedTo the left of the living room is our kitchen. This large window over the sink has quite the view. Well, it will be quite the view once the grass re-grows and the stacks of wood are gone:)

sink view

Here is our master bedroom. The back wall has two large windows that look out to our backyard.

master windows framedWe also have french doors in the master that will lead out to a back deck eventually.

mike and molly in masterMy cute models:)

molly and mike in master framedMike went out on Wednesday night and caught some very pretty pictures of the house at sunset. You can really see how many windows in the picture below.

front of framed houseThis is the back of the house.

back of framed houseI love this shot. This is the right side of the house.

sunset framed house

So exciting! We are supposed to get a lot of rain today but hopefully after this next 24 hours, we will be back in building business!



  1. What great progress in a week.
    Looking wonderful.
    Love Dad

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