Individual Deep Dish Cookies

Store bought cookies are great, but some nights you just need a restaurant-worthy dessert. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but we eat dessert every night at the Hyde household. It just feels like we forgot a step before bed if we don’t have it. After a long day of work, play time with Molly, sitting and talking with Mike, blogging, cleaning, etc. etc, I want something scrumptious to end the day. Enter: heaven in a ramekin.

individual deep dish cookieI really didn’t reinvent the wheel for this one. I have a great cookie recipe and it’s easy to translate into a few different desserts, {like the whoopee pies I made awhile back}. All you do is make the cookie dough like you normally would for a batch of cookies, but instead of waiting for 6 sheets of cookies to bake, you squish a bunch of dough in a dish and bake it when you want it. You could freeze the dough if you are going to eat it infrequently, or if you are dessert hounds like us, stick it in the fridge and scoop out a serving each night for a week or so. It’s a great dessert for when you have guests over because you can have the dough pre-made and just throw it in to bake when you are ready to eat. Easy peasy and sooooooooooooooo good.

individual deep dish cookiesDeep dish cookies can do a whole lotta good on a bad day and make a dinner party even better. Trust me, you are going to want the recipe below:)

individual deep dish cookie recipe



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