Weekly House Update: Week 5

Week 5 and we have a completely framed basement. Woohoo! Floor joists are in and they should have the floor for our entire main level installed by tomorrow. It’s a very exciting time in the Hyde household. Our framers started last Saturday as soon as the concrete was done and they had backfilled the dirt around the house. Monday it rained most of the day so in three full working days they were able to frame the basement and are working their way up. Love it. So here is the progress we’ve seen so far.

Saturday. If you are facing the front of our house, this is the right side of our house. The yard slopes down and this side of our basement is above ground. We are able to install three large windows in there which will be great to brighten and liven up the basement.

back of basement framed


basement framing startingTuesday. They started framing the rooms and stair case in the basement as well as added in some of the beams.

basement rooms framed


basement mechanical room framed

framers in basementWednesday. They installed all the beams and floor joists.

house floor joists


basement stairs from above



Windows framed:basement window frame


basement framedPretty cool, right? In the basement, we have a mechanical room {the left back of the above picture} with a stair case next to that. I’m really looking forward to the rooms upstairs getting framed. Then we can see the chicken scratch we drew on a scrap paper 8 months ago actually come to life:) Molly and I have been going out there after work. She’s so thrilled, it drained her energy to make it home:)

molly asleep in car seat


molly sleeping in the carYep, that’s one sock on and one sock off. Typical Molly girl






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