Building vs. Buying Revisited

This post is sponsored by Lennar, the leading builder of quality new homes across the nation. At Lennar- Everything’s Included, offering the best value at an incredible price. Their homes demonstrate customer commitment by showcasing outstanding new construction and homebuilding excellence. Lennar asked me to share with you budgeting for a new home. 

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about the pros and cons of buying vs. building. I was recently contacted by Lennar Homes and thought their platform ties in perfectly to the conversation we had here.


As you know we are DIYing our current home build to save money and customize it to our tastes, but Lennar does a great job of giving lots of options to those wanting to go with a builder or buy a new construction. When you are deciding whether to build or buy an existing home, budget is an important factor. Not only creating a budget, but sticking with it:) You can read about our DIY home building budget here. Lennar has a great option called Everything’s Included where they have custom upgrades and energy efficient bonuses in their base price.


Going with a builder may make you feel like you are pigeon-holed to one style or type of finishes, but even with a large building company like Lennar, you have lots of options. If you are on a budget, be conscientious of choosing a type of build that will not escalate as you go through the process. Oftentimes families will decide to build and think they are paying one price and then end up wanting all the fancy upgrades and not being able to afford the home they want so do your research! Check out builder websites and read reviews and opinions from real customers.

luxury-2-840ae41eIf you are still unsure if buying or building is right for you, check out Lennar’s website for great tips and resources to help make your decision. Or you can read more about our decision-making process here. Our decision to build was based off of our desire for the “ultimate DIY” :) And the fact that we wanted a certain style, layout, and land for our home. We found the perfect 5 acres and were ready to create our dream home on our dream land. It all seemed to come together at once for us and we knew it was meant to be.


What other tips do you have to help decide on whether you should build or buy?


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Lennar Homes. The opinions and text are all mine.

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