Homemade Baby Food

As you know Molly turned one a couple of weeks ago and things change when babies turn one. They are apparently referred to as “toddlers”, no longer have formula, and drink regular milk. I have to say, it’s all a little too not-babyish to me. She’s growing up too fast! Molly has been eating “big people” food for awhile now and now that she isn’t have as many bottles as meals, we are giving her even more real food. She eats what we eat for lunch and dinner for the most part and even sometimes breakfast. If we have a turkey and cheese sandwich, so does she but instead of chips or other unhealthy sides, we usually give her a side of baby food. She isn’t real into steamed veggies unless they are pureed and has been rather picky lately not wanting to try new things so we stick to what she loves to make sure she’s getting lots of good nutrients for her little growing body. I’ve been making her food since she started eating solids around 4 months and still do. I like knowing exactly what is in it and just knowing that I made it with lots of love:) I usually spend about an hour once a month making and freezing her food. It’s cheap and easy and Molly loves it.

DIY Baby food

Early on we realized she wasn’t going to take to everything we gave her so I started making combos of foods and she loved it. I usually try to mix a fruit and veggie together so she’s getting lots of goodness in one sitting. I peel and steam some veggies and micro others. If you don’t have a steamer basket, just improvise with a strainer and pot with a lid. Most fruits and veggies just take about 5 minutes to steam.

steaming veggies


We use our Kitchen Aid blender because it’s large and can hold a lot of food at once. Here are some of Molly’s favorite combos:

  • Peas, spinach, pears. I use half a bag of frozen peas,¬†half a bag of frozen spinach, and 2 pears.
  • Sweet potatoes and apples. I use 2 sweet potatoes {poke holes and microwave for ~7 minutes} and about 5 apples. I also sprinkle it with cinnamon.
  • Apples and zucchini-1 zucchini and 2-3 apples.
  • Apples and carrots-4 carrots and a few apples

Can you tell she loves apples? We store them a couple of ways. We have some ~3 oz. containers and also use ice cube trays. I love the trays because she will eat 2-3 cubes as a side for lunch and it’s easy to pop out and heat up quickly.

homemade baby foodDo you make your own baby food? Any other combo lovers out there?



  1. My son ate mostly homemade baby foods. His favorite combo was banana/avocado. He also really liked sweet potato w/ butternut squash.

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