Molly’s 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Molly’s first birthday on Saturday and it was such a fun, perfect day! We started the morning off with Molly’s first taste of french toast for breakfast. She loved it of course:) It must have given her a boost of energy because she took her first “major” steps! She took about 4 steps to get across the living room to me. Exciting and scary all at the same time. Luckily we live in a tiny apartment so I won’t have to chase her too far:) We went for a nice walk and enjoyed the perfect weather that morning then Molly napped up for the big party that afternoon. She was stylishly late to her first party…overslept:) She needed her beauty rest to make through the afternoon. I made the outfit she wore for the big day. Etsy has some adorable stuff but it’s so darn expensive. I decided to make my own and probably spent around $10 on the whole thing. I bought a white onesie and some iron ons from Joann’s then made a bubble skirt {using this pattern} from some stretchy knit fabric. I sewed a headband with the leftovers. She looked adorbs. The party was a joint celebration with our niece who was born just three days after Molly. My sister-in-law and I had made a few decorations for the big day. We had their party at a frozen yogurt shop which was already very cute so we kept the decor simple. The girls were the stars of the party anyway:) 1st birthday gift table

The gift table had party hats for all the kids and bubbles {both from Target}.

1st birthday hats and favors

I used a stamp, some card stock, and craft tape to embellish them.

1st birthday bubble favors


1st birthday decorWe made banners for their high chairs too.

one banner


1st birthday high chair bannerWe also made backdrops that were stat sheets of their first year. We borrowed the idea from here.

1st birthday stats 3


1st birthday stats 2


1st birthday stats


1st birthday backdropsWe taped their monthly pictures up with craft tape which was fun to look at it. It was the perfect place for them to dig into their cake:)

1st birthday cake


1st birthday blowing out candles


molly eating cake


molly with us 1st birthdayWe had a perfect day:)

family pictures on molly's 1st birthday


me and molly on her 1st birthdayThe girls made out like bandits too. She won’t be bored anytime soon:)

mollys 1st birthday giftsAnd she absolutely loved riding in her new wagon from her grandparents;)
moll in the wagon

It is still crazy to me that she’s been here for a year now. It seems like she was just born yesterday and at the same time she’s always been here. I read a quote recently that said something about making sure to spend your birthday with your mom each year-it’s a special day to her too. That hadn’t really ever resonated with me or honestly crossed my mind like it does now. This was a special day for all of us and we are so glad that we had so many friends and family there to celebrate. Molly slept til 8 on Sunday {veryyy late for her} so I’d say she had a great time too:)


  1. Super cute! We celebrated out little man’s first this weekend too! Used the same bubbles! Fun to be able to watch her grow this year!

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