Building vs. Buying Revisited


This post is sponsored by Lennar, the leading builder of quality new homes across the nation. At Lennar- Everything’s Included, offering the best value at an incredible price. Their homes demonstrate customer commitment by showcasing outstanding new construction and homebuilding excellence. Lennar asked me to share with you budgeting for a new home.  A couple […]

Homemade Baby Food

DIY Baby food

As you know Molly turned one a couple of weeks ago and things change when babies turn one. They are apparently referred to as “toddlers”, no longer have formula, and drink regular milk. I have to say, it’s all a little too not-babyish to me. She’s growing up too fast! Molly has been eating “big […]

Building Our Dream Home: Weekly Update 4


We have a completed basement! Large step #1 is done and it is on to framing. Lumber is being delivered today and our framer is starting on Saturday. Can’t wait to see some wood out there and a house shape starting:) This week the basement floor and garage floor was completed. The crew will be […]

Recent House Purchases


So, it’s that time again. More shopping! Our storage unit is overloading and so is my parent’s basement:) Good thing our house is starting to get framed this week…update coming soon! We have just finalized a few purchases lately and I’m excited to share. First of all is some shiny new furniture. You know we’ve been looking […]

How to Curl Your Hair With a Straightener


This may seem like a random post for the blog, but I’ve had a randomly large amount of requests for a tutorial on how I curl my hair. So I finally decided to bite the bullet and record a tutorial.  It is super easy to do and I think it looks more natural than a curling iron. I didn’t think […]

Building Our Dream Home: Weekly Update 3

garage 7

Hi guys! It’s been a big week around here. Molly turned 1:) Molly got sick:( Concrete got poured! Between all of those things, there hasn’t been much spare time to blog but I have some fun pictures today! Molly and I went out to see the progress and it was pretty cool. The house currently […]

Molly’s 1st Birthday Party

molly with us 1st birthday

We celebrated Molly’s first birthday on Saturday and it was such a fun, perfect day! We started the morning off with Molly’s first taste of french toast for breakfast. She loved it of course:) It must have given her a boost of energy because she took her first “major” steps! She took about 4 steps […]

Molly’s 12 Month Update!

12 months old label

You guys. She’s 1 {tomorrow}. I kind of want to cry thinking about it. She’s way too little to be 1, but I guess I’m going to have to face the reality and embrace her growing up. Just look at how she’s changed over the last 12 months. I can’t begin to express how […]