DIY Baby Tank Dress

I bought some adorable jersey knit fabric for Molly over the weekend to make her a skirt for her first birthday. I decided to DIY a little “I’m One” outfit for her and it ‘s turned out really cute. I bought a yard of fabric so I had tons left over and decided to take the scraps and make her a little dress. I browsed through my Pinterest sewing board to see what I had pinned and had some cute ideas, but decided to do a take on this cute top from Anthropologie. I later realized this is the same look as a pillowcase dress so if you have a cute pillowcase, there are tons of tutorials out there to achieve the same outcome.

Easy DIY Baby DressI started by cutting my fabric. I had a little jumper that I used to figure out the size of the dress. Molly is almost 1 and her dress ended up being about 16″x16″ for a frame of reference. I cut two pieces of fabric the same size.

measuring tank dress

Next I made the top loop. I simply folded over the unhemmed edge about 1 1/2″ and sewed it in place. Side note-I would actually suggest hemming the sides first. This will give you hemmed edges for your loops. I didn’t do this so Molly’s loops are unhemmed. It looks fine {you can’t really notice it}, but if you want to finish it off, I would suggest hemming first.

tank dress loop


Then I sewed the sides together. Do not sew the loops together. Sew the sides up to the loops and stop.

sewing tank dress seamThen it’s time to hem the bottom.

hemming tank dress



If you want to make your hem nice and tight, you can iron it here, but I just pin and sew.

hemmed tank dress

Last, string your ribbon through. You could use silk, ribbon, fabric, whatever you want here. I anticipate keeping a onesie under Molly’s so I just used ribbon I had on hand but you could definitely change it up. You’ll want to put a safety pin on the end of your ribbon to easily thread it through each loop.

hooking ribbon for tank dressThread the ribbon through and tie it in a bow.

tank dress ribbonThe ribbon gives you your arm holes. The great thing about the ribbon is it makes the dress adjustable so it can grow with those little arms. It was tough getting a picture of this little busy body in her cute new dress, but I managed to snap a few. I would have loved to take her outside, but with the random cold, snowy day we are having, that wasn’t gonna happen today:)

molly in tank dress


molly tank dress back


molly walking in tank dress


Adorable:) What do you think? I may have to make a more grown-up version for myself!


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    very cute!

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