5 Great Things

1. This dessert. I made it as a cake version {cream on bottom, cake, then chocolate} and it is to die for. Sinful and oh so yummy.

Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

2. This tip. Mike has a grody hat {that he actually wore in our engagement pics} that definitely needs this treatment.


3. This fireplace layout. I like how the built-ins are different but still symmetrical and the t.v. in the nook is perfect.

f0c7821359bcd438cf2f1a9cc967ff754.This kitchen island. Crazy cool. And the craziest part…it’s not even real barn wood! She just distressed it to look like it. I also am digging the light above. ┬áRemind you of another DIY light you’ve seen? Maybe one in our old house? :)

746613062965016375. This video. We did a study with our small group a few years ago on the I Am Second series and it is one of my favorite studies to date. Sean Lowe did a video recently and it was actually pretty good. Any man that can verbalize his love for Jesus and stand by who he is…pretty rare. And cool.

What are some great finds you’ve come across lately?




  1. Thank you for the feature! Just checked out your light in your old house you linked up – you guys did a great job!

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