Molly’s 10 Month Update!

We’ve hit the double digits. 10 months! Only 2 more until her first birthday and I can’t wait to celebrate the past year:) Molly has been getting faster and faster at crawling and more comfortable walking behind her little walker. She wants to walk so bad, especially when she sees other little kids doing it:) She babbles all the time and makes the funniest little squeals. She has such an expressive personality. She makes so many funny faces and ornery little smiles when she’s sweetly refusing her naps. To simply put it, she’s adorable!

molly 10 month update


  1. Angela Jones says:

    She IS absolutely adorable! And gets cuter every day! Happy 10 month birthday Molly! We all love you so very very much and can’t wait to celebrate your first birthday!!! xoxoxox

  2. So adorable!

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