Hiding Toys and Baby Clutter

I recently read an article someone linked on Facebook called something like The 19 Things you Never Thought You Would Do Until You had Kids. Mike and I laughed in the car the other day because we were totally doing some of the things I had read and said I wouldn’t do with my kid. It happens. One of those things we break everyday-toys in the living room. The apartment is small and we like having her in sight when we are in the kitchen so we keep her toys out there. I do have a pretty Crate and Barrel basket that we throw them all in to put them away at the end of the day, but some big pieces are always out. I still think that once we get to the new house and have a playroom we should be able to at least keep most of the toys hidden. It got me thinking about practical and pretty toy storage. I found some great examples {click on image for source}:












6How do you combat clutter? Anyone else breaking their things you said you would never do until you became a parent?



  1. I think my favorite are the larger chalkboard bins on wheels. very cool. I don’t have trouble with the smaller stuff. IT’s the tractors and tents and toolbench. I hate seeing them out all the time but Henry loves them.

    I think the ideal for me would be to have a small closet in the living room to hide them away. Not happening, but I can dream.

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