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It’s an exciting time in the world of my college girlfriends because 3 of them are pregnant and all due within about 7 weeks of each other! I can’t wait for them to start their families:) Two of us are throwing a triple baby shower for them in a few weeks and it was impossible to find an invitation that would fit our unique shower situation. There are some adorable triplet invites, but to find one that celebrated three different mommies-to-be wasn’t happening so I decided to make my own invitations. I’m not a graphic designer by any stretch of the imagination, but I have ┬ábecome rather acquainted with making simple graphics through iPiccy from working on this here blog. So, I thought I would share my simple tutorial on how to make your own invitations through iPiccy-a free photo editing site. Creating your own invitations can be cost effective {I took mine to Kinkos and had them print them on cardstock or if you have a great printer, you could do them yourself at home} and gives you the freedom to design something that fits perfectly with what you are doing! Here is the baby shower invitation I created {with some areas covered to protect the privacy of the mommies-to-be:)}:

covered triple baby shower invite

It turned out pretty cute! For this tutorial, I made a very simple card for Molly’s upcoming birthday {that I’m not using:)}. Start by pulling up a blank high resolution rectangle {or pull up a picture and put a white box over top of the picture for your blank background.

white high resolution background

Depending on what oreintation you want your invite to have, you can leave it as is, or crop it to create a horizontal invite. I cropped it in half so I could fit two invitations on one sheet of paper, but you can crop it to fit whatever size you need.

invitation cropping size

Once you have your size/shape, you can start creating. You can change the background color by clicking on the left hand side tab {I changed from pink to gray later on}.

invitation adding background color

Then it’s time to add writing, graphics, pictures. Start by clicking on the layer tab. Then you will see the options across the top of what to add: photos, stickers, text, etc. I started with some text. You add your own writing by clicking on the text box on the left side of the screen. From there you can change the font, color, and size.

invitation adding text

Next, I uploaded a picture. Click on the photo tab and upload. You can also add free cliparts or other graphics through this method as well.

invitation adding pictres

For the bottom, I added a sticker. This is how I made the banner you saw in the baby shower invite I created. I made a bunch of little triangles and strung them together and then added text {letters} over top. You can create a lot of different things with this tab. For this example, I just added a ribbon and changed the color using the left bar.

invitation adding sticker

Then I added more text over top of that. Finally, I added a border. There are different border options, but I chose the matte for this example. You can choose both border colors using the left bar again.

invitation adding border

Then save and it’s done!

pretend molly invite

The only tricky thing once you save is that you can’t go back and simply edit. Once you save your image, it merges all your layers together {text, stickers, photos, etc.} so you can’t reopen it and click on your text to change it. The easiest way I have found to edit if you have a small area you want to change is to open your saved photo, grab a rectangle sticker, put it over the area you want to change, and then edit from there. It’s kind of like white out:)

Have you ever DIY’d your own invitations?


  1. I couldn’t find that app! Is it on iPhone or iPad?

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