Hello Blog World! This is Mike doing a guest post on fireplaces for our new house. This is something we have still been talking about options on and think we have come to a conclusion. We were planning initially on just doing a wood-burning fireplace since we will have plenty of wood around. We liked the natural element of a real fire and the smells that come with it. We actually were still planning on doing that until we went to the Home Show this past weekend.

While walking around and sampling different chocolates, we walked up to a stand that did ventless fireplaces. After talking to the salesman, he had me convinced that it is an easy insert with a gas hookup, no chimney needed. I liked that because our fireplace is in the middle of the house, so we didn’t have a cool outside stone chimney anyway. It would probably save us some money and would just be very little hassle.


We were ready to change our blueprints to take out the chimney….until we talked to some people that actually had the ventless fireplace. They still complained of that gas smell leaking into their home when they were using it, which makes sense. It has to go somewhere. The salesman assured me that it didn’t happen but I kind of believe the people who have them. Then we talked with Jessie’s contractor uncle, who is helping us with the build, and he suggested a fireplace with gas hookup but has the wood-burning option as well. We have started looking them up and think that it would be a perfect option for us. It has the ease of gas but we can still get rustic if we want. ¬†We still want an insert and will probably end up doing some sort of stone around and an oak mantle that my dad and I cut last year. We are thinking about bumping the fireplace area out a little and eventually building in some bookshelves on either side.

Here are some cool ones that we have found so far:










What do you guys think, anyone have a ventless or the convertible fireplace that you could help us weigh in on??


  1. We have two ventless propane fireplaces and a propane wall mounted heater in a bathroom. All work fine with no odor. One thought to put these things into proper perspective is to compare them to a gas cook stove. A cook stove may produce about 10,000 btu per hour per burner. Our largest fireplace gives off about 35,000 btus. In my view there’s not much difference between a ventless fireplace and running a few cook stove burners. You never hear of anyone having trouble with gas fired cook stoves. I think ventless gas fireplaces are equivalent.


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