Great Local Find-Stash Baby Store

My uncle is a builder in Columbus, IN and recently introduced Mike, Molly, and me to the cutest cloth diaper store down there. We went on a little baby shopping spree last weekend and I just had to share some of the cuteness of this store.


The main product they sell is cloth diapers. We don’t currently use cloth diapers but Molly girl has been having some peeing issues…as in, she pees like a river all.the.time. Maybe a little T.M.I but we feel like we are constantly changing her diapers and she wakes up completely soaked in smelly pee in the mornings. Pleasant, right? Yeah, not really. So we asked the adorable owner, Jenna, for some advice on what types of diapers to try and keep her dry overnight and she was super helpful. So, we snatched up a few of her suggestions and have had some much better success. ┬áStill a little damp in a couple areas in the morning, but 100xs better. And it doesn’t hurt that they are adorable:)

cloth diapers


cloth diapers 2So cute, right? She also recommended some thick inserts so we have been bulking her up at night:) The store has more than diapers though. The cutest little baby accessories ever. I stocked up on hair accessories for both of us:)

baby accessoriesTrendy diaper bags, handmade wipes and burp cloths, super sweet handmade hats, and chewing necklaces! I saw these same necklaces in a boutique in Chicago for around $40. I bought one here frr $8.50 and Molly loves it. For those of you haven’t seen these, they are necklaces the momma wears that the baby can chew on-they are super cute and rubber:)


diaper bags




Aside from baby gear, they have a little bit of everything too. Their painted furniture was gorgeous.



orange chair

painted table

nightstandsThe handmade jewelry was beautiful too.



ringsIt was a great store and we had a lot of fun shopping there! If you are in the area, I would highly recommend stopping by Stash!

Who else uses cloth diapers? Any amazing tips for floods of pee coming out of your baby all day/night? :)



  1. This store looks wonderful and those diapers are adorable! I was going to ask you if you used cloth diapers because I didn’t know that you did. We like the hemp inserts for night time because they are very absorbent! Good luck!


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