Quick Christmas Home Tour

hanging wreath

I’m not going to sit here and pretend we went all out this year. We are in the apartment and Christmas d√©cor has been pretty far down on our priority list. We did manage to get out the important parts: the tree, gifts, stockings, card display, and a pretty wreath. We have some greenery wrapped […]

Molly’s 8 Month Update!

molly 8 months

Well this is about 5 days late because of all the drama around here lately, but better late than never. It actually worked out well because Molly girl started crawling on Sunday so we can sneak that into her update:) She’s been working on it for about 2 months and finally took off. She’s been […]

Life Updates…


Hi Friends! Sorry for the lack of posts last week…it’s not for lack of trying! The blogosphere was against me. We had to leave our apartment for 4 days while they removed mold. Yes, mold. Want to see why we left? So gross, right? They tore down our walls… And rebuilt them and now we […]

DIY Easy Christmas Quilt

christmas quilt

You may remember last year when I made this zig zag quilt. Well, it’s still sitting in our living room on our blanket rack and I love it. I made a smaller version for my niece before the babies were born and I decided to make a Christmas version for a family I adore who […]

The House Has Finally Begun…

driveway through woods

I was beginning to think I’d never get to write those words. But, yes, the driveway has started! Woooooooohooooooooo! Of course there is a huge snowstorm blowing through as I type this though so I’m guessing the basement won’t start for at least a week, but we have progress. We knew weather would be an […]

Christmas Card Display

card display

I made a simple Christmas card display last weekend so we can enjoy all the pretty cards coming in. ¬†Unfortunately, we haven’t had a peak of sun in days so my pictures are less than stellar so I will apologize in advance for the poor quality. Hopefully you can still get the point:) I wanted […]

Oh, Christmas Tree

christmas tree 2013

It’s up! We worked on some Christmas decor after eating way to much food on Thanksgiving and our apartment has never felt more like home. I love sitting in the living room with the lit up tree in the evenings..my favorite time of the year. We ordered Molly’s stocking a little late, but once it’s […]