60th Surprise Party Decor

Mike and I threw a little surprise party for my mom’s 60th birthday this weekend at the clubhouse at our apartment complex. It was so fun to see her reaction. I have a video, but it’s blurry. Mike tried to get it but it was sort of rushed so he did his best:) You can still get the point…tears! That’s a success in my book.


I was a bad blogger and got caught up in trying to host everything that I didn’t snap any pictures of the cute decorations I made:( My dad got a few, but they aren’t “blog” style pictures, but you can get the idea! First, I used this tutorial to create a chalkboard banner. I love this project because it’s cheap, easy, and can be reused! I strung it from some cabinets in the food area using some silver glittery craft tape.

chalkboard bannerI also made some little fabric circle streamers to hang behind the cake table. I decided on a fall-ish color scheme and bought some pretty fabrics to use. I started by gluing them to some cardstock.

fabric on cardstockThen I grabbed a few things around the house to trace the circles with.

tracing circlesI used a few different items for size variation.

circles traced

Then I cut them out and glued them on some ribbon and twine.

gluing circles

You can space them as close or as far apart you want and add a lot or a little!

ribbon circlesI used the rest of the fabric from the circles and cut large squares {probably 10″x10″} and laid them out on the gift table, which we sadly don’t have a picture of:( I had used blue burlap and some craft paper to cover the table. I wrote on the craft paper for guests to leave a favorite memory or something you love about the birthday girl. They used cute little sticky notes and stuck them to the craft paper for her to keep! I also had some vases filled with oats on the table in her color scheme:


The other project was the big 60 I hung from the window. I bought a piece of foam board and drew the numbers on. Then I cut them out with an exacto knife.

cutting foam boardI used one of the fabrics from the circles and cut long 1-2″ strips.

ruffle stripsThen I scrunched them up and glued them on my foam board numbers.

gluing rufflesI found some cute, silver glittery craft tape in the $1 spot at Target and hung everything from that.

60th birthday decorationsI think Mom liked it all:)

mom and molly

She, of course, carried the baby all night like an accessory-her favorite one of course:) I think everything turned out well!



  1. Well I cannot thank my very thoughtful loving daughter and son-in-law enough for the the most special party of my life! I had been feeling very blue about turning 60 but the party certainly changed all of that! It was so much fun and I still cannot believe everyone kept such a good secret from me! Molly also loved the party; isn’t she just the cutest little girl in the world; grammy gets to say that of course!! Love you guys to pieces!!!

  2. Susan blettner says:

    I wondered how you did that! I loved the streamers you made and the foam board digits! how clever and original!WE forgot to sign the craft paper! It was a totally fun party and very creative Jessie can’t wait to try some of these things myself!

  3. Happy Birthday Mama Jones!! Looking better than ever! :)

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