Wood Sliced Fall Wreath

I’m sure you spent your weekend wondering what we made with that wood weren’t you? :) Well I’m sharing today. It was time to create some fall decor for the apartment and we actually made a couple of projects with that log I shared Friday-one coming later next week to the blog. Today I’m sharing our cute wood sliced wreath!

wood sliced wreath tutorialI love the rustic, warm look of it and tried to keep the focus on the pretty wood slices and kept the rest simple. We started by grabbing a log from our property.

cut logMike cut some random slices with the chop saw.

cutting logI grabbed some craft letters and spelled out “Howdy” for fun:)

craft lettersI used some leftover Martha Stewart Metallic craft paint {from my painted pumpkin project} to paint the letters.

martha stewart metallic craft paint


painting craft lettersThen I glued the letters on some leftover lace from my pumpkins and stapled it to the back of the wreath. I laid out the circles that Mike had cut into a circle and we used wood glue and the nail gun to adhere them together.

gluing logThen I strung it up with some more lace and that was it. A few of the slices split when it was laying on our table for a few days, but they have still held up since they are also nailed together. The slices just add to the rustic charm:)

howdy wreath angle


wood slice wreath slices




wood sliced wreath close up


wood sliced wreath lace


sliced wood wreathIsn’t it cute? It’s a nice reminder too that soon we’ll get to be surrounded by this pretty wood {and out of this noisy, cramped apartment} in no time!









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  1. You are so innovative! I would have never thought to do that, but it looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!


  1. […] Then it was time to add my wood slices to hang the pictures from. Mike cut more slices from the log we used for my wood sliced wreath. […]

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