DIY Baby Lace Headband Tutorial

Mike hates baby headbands. He takes them off every time I put one on Molly girl. He always feels like they are digging into her head or too tight {and a few of them have been, but don’t tell him I said that:)}. So, I decided to make my own that wouldn’t be tight on her head and it turned out adorable. It cost less than $1 and can be changed to match any outfit!

DIY baby lace headband tutorialThis is about as simple as it gets. I purchased my stretchy lace from Joann’s. They only had the stretchy lace in white so I got a yard of that {so we can have matching ones:)}.

lace for headbandI laid it around Molly’s head and then cut it with about 1/2″ extra.

lace headband measuringThen I folded it over into a circle and took a small piece of white ribbon to cover it. I folded the ribbon in half, with the two sides meeting in the back and sewed it.

lace headband sewedThat’s the basic headband. Easy enough, right? Molly modeled it plain first.

lace headbandThen we jazzed it up with some clips. You may have noticed that she lost all her pretty, dark hair and new, lighter hair is growing in. I used to always have a little bow clip in when she had all that hair, but haven’t been able to use them lately. I can now clip them on the lace headband to match her cute little outfits;)

lace headband with purple clip


lace headband with pink clipIsn’t it cute? I love how simple it is. I’m not into the huge sparkly bows and feathers for everyday wear {they are cute for pictures!} so this is the perfect Molly headwear.  Now I’m off to make myself one too! This girl is in for lots of mommy-daughter matching, whether she likes it or not:)








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