Saying Good-bye to Our House

We close on the sale of our house this Friday. It’s so bittersweet because we are over-the-moon excited to start building our dream home, but we have so many wonderful memories at our current house. This is where Mike and I started our married life together, where we bought our first baby-Pudge:), and where we brought Molly home to. I remember popping a bottle of champagne with Mike the night we moved that flew across the living room. Later when we were unpacking {probably at 1 in the morning} I dropped the coffee pot we got as a wedding gift and shattered it on the floor. Which was funny until we realized we hadn’t bought a broom yet:) I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet that we are leaving this place. Probably because we haven’t packed much {did I mention we are moving this weekend?}, but I’m sure it will hit us Friday when we sign all those papers. To give this house its proper blog send-off, I thought I would go back through my favorite projects that we did at the house this week, starting with one of my favorite rooms-the master bedroom. I’m sure our apartment won’t match up to the cozy, snuggly feeling I get when I walk into this room so I need to make sure to soak up all the goodness this last week here! One of my favorite projects in this room is the wood wall.

upward view of wood wall



entry view of wood wall


upward view 2

And one of my favorite pictures of Pudge:)

sleeping puppy

I will definitely miss this bedroom. What are some of your favorite projects of our house? I’ll make sure to feature them!


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