My Office

I promised pictures of my new office at school and finally got around to snapping a few. It’s nothing glamorous, but I wanted to show you where I put all my cute decorations:) The room actually was originally some sort of break room/work room, then became the room for speech, and then finally the assistant principal’s office so it doesn’t look a whole lot like a typical office. I definitely miss having a window! It has tons of storage with the large row of cabinets and the random sink comes in handy:) Here is what it looked like after I moved in and sort of arranged the furniture:



It sounds like next year they will be remodeling the office area so I may have a new place next year, but I’ve made it home for now! Here it is now, after I painted it and added some personal touches:

office desk

office 3    

office pictures


office 1


office chalkboard


office cabinets


office cork

My cork boards, chalkboard, and picture display help make it feel a little more homey:)  The paint I used was leftover from our entryway. Much better, right?

Have a great weekend!


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