Moving Stinks


We spent our whole weekend packing up our house and it was pretty much torture.  I would pay a hefty amount of money to never have to do that again. Here are a few pics to sum up our whirlwind of a weekend: Mike started off by surprising me with a cute little balloon and […]

Saying Good-Bye to Our House-Day 4


Our dining room isn’t one of the most used spaces in our house, but it is one of my favorites. It has an rustic, yet elegant look to it that fit perfectly with the feel of our house. One of my favorite projects in that room was the barn style wainscoting. It was a fun […]

Saying Good-Bye to Our House-Day 3


By far, one of my very favorite projects in our current house is our concrete countertops.  It’s too bad we can’t take them with us! They seem to be a blog fan favorite as well, still brining over tons of traffic and questions on a daily basis. They have held up great over the last […]

Saying Good-Bye to Our House-Day 2


One of my very favorite rooms in the house is the nursery.  It was a super soft, pretty little girl’s room…that Molly never slept in:) She’s still in her bassinet in our room. Her room is upstairs, ours is down, and with all the issues that little girl has had, she hasn’t slept a whole […]

Saying Good-bye to Our House

upward view of wood wall

We close on the sale of our house this Friday. It’s so bittersweet because we are over-the-moon excited to start building our dream home, but we have so many wonderful memories at our current house. This is where Mike and I started our married life together, where we bought our first baby-Pudge:), and where we […]

Building Our Dream Home: Basement Ideas


We have our first-floor floor plans finalized {woohoo!!!} and are now moving onto the basement. We don’t plan on finishing it right away, but would like it to be a usable space. My uncle, who is a builder, had some great ideas on how to give the basement a nice look in the in-between time. […]

Molly is 4 Months Old!

molly's 4 months

Molly girl is 4 months old today! She has changed drastically in the last month. Most of you know, we’ve had to battle colic for the first 3 months of her life and she also had some GI issues {couldn’t poop!} and we’ve finally turned a corner with both. The colic turned the corner at […]

My Office

office cork

I promised pictures of my new office at school and finally got around to snapping a few. It’s nothing glamorous, but I wanted to show you where I put all my cute decorations:) The room actually was originally some sort of break room/work room, then became the room for speech, and then finally the assistant […]