Molly is 2 months old!

Molly celebrated her 2nd month of life yesterday:) I decided to do a simple picture each month with Molly on the same background to document her monthly updates.  I’ll write a few highlights from the month and share how she is growing and changing. It will be fun to look back on her first year!

Here is month 2!



2 month updateAnd, of course, getting cuter everyday:)



  1. Angela Jones says:

    I have never seen a more adorable baby in my life! She is just perfect and doing so well; being loved and nurtured by the best parents in the world! I love her to pieces; and of course grammy can say all of that!!!

  2. Andrea Benson says:

    I made the blog! Yay :)
    Future Babysitter!

  3. patty Hyde says:

    That is a great picture of our little sweet pea! Love you all very much.

  4. she loves baths now!?! yay Molly girl!

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