DIY Bottle Decorations and a Seagram’s Escapes Review


This post was written for a Mother’s Day post and was delayed in being posted. ¬†However, you could totally do the same thing for Father’s Day so it’s fitting for this week also!


With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I decided to put together a simple drink bar set-up for Mother’s Day.  This is my first time celebrating as a mommy and we are having all of our family over to join in on the festivities.  Mike and I had some time to clean last weekend and went ahead and got some things put together and set-up for the party.  Since I’m no longer preggo, we decided a few alcoholic beverages would be necessary :)  I was recently able to sample Seagram’s Escapes coolers and they are delicious.  They have a ton of different flavors and colors and look pretty and festive in our drink tub! seagrams in tub

Mike and I sampled a few of the coolers and they were really refreshing.  Perfect for a summer party…or Mother’s Day! My favorite was the “Calypso Colada” flavor {one of the blue drinks}. It was just the right amount of sweetness and reminded me of a drink by the beach!  The pouches are portable and ready to drink with the alcohol already in there. These would be perfect to take to a party or have out like we did for others to enjoy at your house. Or throw them in a cooler and take for a day at the lake! The “Jamaican Me Happy” is yummy! It has a light fruity flavor that isn’t overwhelming so you can have more than one if you want:)  After we sampled a few of the coolers, we used the empty bottles for decor for our party.  I came up with the idea to spell out the word “MOM” with the bottles and decorate the drink station.  I started by taking some duct tape and cutting two strips. I overlapped the strips to make one wider piece of tape.

seagrams tape

Then I took a Sharpie and wrote the letter on the piece of tape.

seagrams letter

Then I used an Exacto knife to cut the letter out.  Scissors would probably work as well but the Exacto cuts much more easily. seagrams cutting o I stuck the tape onto the empty bottle. seagrams bottle with letter Once I had all three bottles with the letters taped on, I took them outside and sprayed them with some paint I had on hand.

seagrams paint And let them dry. seagrams painted bottles Then I peeled off the letters and you can see through the glass.  I stuck a few fake flowers down into the bottle to show through the letters and one in the top to finish them off.  Cute, right? seagrams mom bottles   I love how they look on the bar.  So pretty and springy. seagrams bar far     seagrams mom     seagrams tub     seagrams bar

  seagrams bottles from  sideSimple, yet festive!  How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?  Have you created any fun crafts from used bottles?  


Visit Seagram’s Escapes or like Seagram’s Escapes on Facebook to see a complete list of flavors and find a store near you. Win a trip to the Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa in JAMAICA! Just tell Seagram’s Escapes: Who is Jamaican You Happy?

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