Building Our Dream Home: Barn Wood Floors

Today we’re discussing floors!  I had an idea awhile back that I would love to put some reclaimed barn wood floors into our dream home.  If you want to read more about our dream home, you can catch up here.

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I absolutely love the look of old wood.  The interior of the house will definitely have the rustic touches we love and this flooring would be the perfect way to incorporate it throughout.  The downfall to buying already made barn wood flooring is that it is expensive.  Our plan is to find a barn and create the floors ourselves.  You can either face nail it or route out some tongue and grooves so that part is up to Mike and the amount of work he wants to do and the look we will end up with.  We will definitely have to plane the wood and seal the top either way so right now we are on the hunt for the perfect barn.  We found a great dismantled barn about an hour away that we almost made it over to see on Saturday but ended up putting it off.  If you know anyone with a barn they would like taken down, we would love to come look at it!  In the meantime, here are some great inspiration pics of barn wood floors {click on pictures for source}:












What do you think of barn wood floors?




  1. Kay Dougherty says:

    Love the look! Wish we still had our old barn from Miller road!!!!

  2. absolutely love the floors, we have a big old barn that we are renovating. saving all the old wood for floors and furniture in a farmhouse addition.

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