Front Door Sign: Hello

Well, I actually got a craft done this weekend! My mom took Molly for the day on Saturday so Mike and I could have the day to do whatever we wanted.  That ended up including a lunch date, errands, and some work around the house.  It may not sound all that romantic, but it was nice to have some uninterrupted time.  And Molly was a dream Saturday night when she got home.  She fussed and cried throughout the evening but actually slept in her little bassinet that night.  She woke up twice to eat, but at least I didn’t have to hold her all night!  I’m pretty sure that was the first night in 7 weeks that I have been able to sleep without holding her for a whole night.  It was a baby miracle.  God knows when to give you a break:)

Anyway, on to the craft!  I made a little sign for the door that I’ve had in my mind for a couple weeks now.

hello sign

I made it so it can be switched for different seasons.  The pattern on the back is fabric which could be switched out with some pretty fall colored fabric for fall and snowflakes for winter.  The white flowers are also removable so I can stick some mums in there or some pretty red flowers for Christmas.  And it only cost $2!  I had everything on hand except the little wood sign.  Here is what you’ll need:
hello sign supplies

  • an empty frame
  • sticker letters
  • a wood sign {I got mine at Joanns, but any craft store would have something similar}
  • spray adhesive
  • fabric to cover the size of the frame opening
  • flowers {fake or real!}
  • fabric or ribbon to hang the wood from
  • staple gun and staples
  • hot glue and gun
  • stain

I started by laying out my letters on the wood.  I used some spray adhesive to help them stick extra good because I was going to rub stain over the top and wanted to make sure the stain wouldn’t seep underneath.

hello sign stickers

I used my favorite Special Walnut stain and rubbed it over the whole wood sign and letters.  It helps to wear a rubber glove so you don’t get stain on your fingers {which I did after I took this picture}.

hello sign staining

Leave that to dry and then peel off the letters.

hello sign stained

While that dries, work on the frame.  I started by stapling the fabric to the back of the frame.

hello sign sapling fabric

It should be nice and tight when you flip it over.

hello sign fabric stapled

I took some gingham fabric I had on hand and cut it to a width I liked and stapled it to the back of the top of the frame and also to the back of the wood.

hello sign stapling ribbon

The ribbon is just for looks. I glued the wood to the sides of the frame to keep it in place, but the ribbon would hold it up if needed.  I just didn’t want it banging around:)

Then I took more of the gingham and made a little flower holder.  I just rolled it up and hot glued it to the wood.

hello sign attaching flower holderAnd that’s it!  I used a couple of velcro squares to stick it on the door.  Our door has a wreath holder, but it covers our peephole and I like to see who is at the door before I open it:)

hello sign angle



hello sign on door



hello sign close



hello sign doorEven if you don’t have a pretty front door, you can still have something pretty hanging on it:)

What do you put on your front door for summer?




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