Bathroom Makeover Mood Board

I know it may be hard to think that I’m dreaming up a room makeover right now, but I’m in a project mood and our upstairs bathroom is going to be the victim.  With our house going up for sale within the next year and a baby coming by the end of the week {woohoo!}, we definitely have a lot on our plates so it will be a simple, neutral makeover that will just spruce the room up a bit.  Here is what it looks like now{sorry for the bad iPhone pics-the camera is packed in our hospital bag:)}:



We want to make it sellable, but pretty and not spend much money so here is what I’m thinking.


  1. Stain the vanity.  I will be using leftover gel stain from our master bath makeover.
  2. Add vanity hardware.  I already bought the fun hardware pictured above at Hobby Lobby.  Their knobs and pulls are 50% off this week!
  3. Paint the walls.  I have a quart of Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray paint that I bought for a sample for the nursery.  I think it will be enough to cover the room.
  4. Pretty up/add art work.  I want to use what we already have to start and then add where needed.  I think the shower curtain will work with the new color scheme so that will probably stay.
  5. Add a rug?  Maybe something colorful on the floor to add a little more interest.

Since I’m already on maternity leave and no baby yet, I have already started work this week.  I will keep you posted as I go {although there may be a break to have the baby:)}!



  1. karen godfrey says:

    I too have a small bathroom. I can’t wait to see how yours turns out. Across from our sink is a cabinet, which I took off the top doors added baskets and rolled towels and painted the back of cabinet. Husband was a bit leary of this but loves the look now. It helped to give the bathroom a bigger feeling. Good luck!

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