DIY Curtain Rod Using Plumbing Supplies

Ok, I”m pretty sure this is the last and final tutorial from the nursery.  I made and put the curtains up in the room months ago, but I realized I never shared our curtain rod tutorial.  Curtain rods can be so expensive and we didn’t want to spend money on something we can make ourselves.  When we had the wall of curtains in our master bedroom, we needed an extra long rod that would span the width of our bedroom so we figured out how to use plumbing supplies and make our own and just modified the idea for these curtains.  As most moms out there, I wanted to have a nice, dark napping room so I DIY’d the blackout curtains.  I also thought it would be nice to wrap the curtains around the rod so they were up against the wall so sun wouldn’t shine through the sides.  So we created a plan and came up with a custom rod that would be perfect for baby.

diy curtain rod tutorial

We started by buying an electrical conduit pipe.  They have different sizes, but we went with the 1/2″ diameter.  You can get a 10′ pipe for about $1.50.  They look like this {ours came from Home Depot}:



We also bought 2 conduit elbows for the corners where the pipe will turn and go into the wall.



Then to attach the pipe to the wall, we used these pole sockets on each end.  You can find these in the shelving section.

pole sockets


Now you need to cut the pipe to size.  Mike used a hack saw to cut the pipe pieces to size.  We needed the long piece to cover the front length of the window, then two shorter pieces for the sides.  We used some brackets we had on hand to hand the rod on.  You will still need some support in the front of the rod, even though they are attached to the wall on the ends.

diy curtain rod attaching hooks


We could paint them to match, but I was lazy and didn’t put in the effort:)

diy curtain rod

nusery window

diy curtain rod 2

It works like a charm!  With the blinds and curtains closed, even in the middle of a sunny afternoon, it gets dark and sleep in there:)

If you didn’t want or need the “wrap-around” sides and just wanted a straight rod, buying the conduit for $1.50 is a great, inexpensive way to just get a curtain rod.  You could even add some fancy finials if you want or paint it a fun color!

Have you ever made a custom curtain rod?





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  1. I’ve done this too! I love walking the hardware or farm aisles and imagining decorating purposes for these items… A lot of times it’s a fraction of the cost, and more durable too. Little Bit from

  2. LOVE THIS! I was just thinking about new curtains in my spare bedroom but wanted a cheap but stylish solution to a purchased curtain rod!

    Thank you for sharing!


  3. Love those curtains!! So pretty and soft!

  4. Jessie it turned out great! I did this in our Master a few weeks ago! It definitely inspired me to go outside my paint ad wood aisle routine at Home Depot and explore other materials! I love the polka dots with the hint of pink! I need a daughter so bad, lol!Beautiful! Would love for you to share at the party! xo Bridgett

  5. Wow, how incredible! It is so cool that you can use plumbing supplies to make a curtain rod for the bathroom. I’d love to do something like this for the master bath. We just removed the glass shower door to be replaced with a shower curtain. Once the right tub is installed, I’ll be sure to check around for a plumbing supply store to do this.

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