Baby Bump Update

Well I’m finally to the point where people who don’t know me and know that I’m pregnant, actually know that I’m pregnant.  It’s kinda nice to actually look pregnant, rather than that “is that a little baby bump or is she just a little chubby in the middle?” look.  I’ve been in full on maternity pants for a 3-4 weeks now and I’m starting to feel like a lot of my regular shirts are on their last leg.  It’s all for a good cause though…that sweet little girl who likes to do somersaults whenever I lay down:)

From the front, I still look pretty normal…

But as soon as I turn to the side, bam!  Helloooo baby

And my point of view seems pretty large and in charge:

Me and this bump are glad it’s Friday for some R&R time:)  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Sharon Siebert says:

    Cute Bump!

  2. Patty Hyde says:

    That is the prettiest bump I’ve seen!

  3. Our little girl is getting prettier every day!!! And her mommy too!


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