DIY Kitchen Bar

I’m back with our bar makeover!  I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the process because I knew I wasn’t going to write individual tutorials for this project because I’ve already shared them all along the way of our kitchen makeover.  Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to see how far this space has come.  One thing we haven’t changed is the paint color.  When we painted our kitchen blue, I used leftover paint from our adjoining living room to tie the nook into that room and we’ve liked the colors ever since.  When we first settled into the house, we used this area for Pudge storage.  Mike had made me a chalkboard {this is all pre-blog so I don’t have any pics to share} and we hung up some wine glasses we had received as a wedding gift.

Then we added this adorable little desk.  Mike took an old door and cut it to size, added legs, and voila: built-in desk.  It was very functional but eventually became a catch-all for junk.

I later added a skirt so we could use the underneath of the desk as a storage area for our outdoor pillows.

We still really liked the desk/storage area, but when we scored some free granite over the summer, we decided to upgrade this area and build a bar.  I started by painting the extra tall cabinets {also taken from Mike’s work-they were getting rid of them} and painted them Pot of Cream by Behr to match the rest of our kitchen cabinets.  Then Mike cut the granite to size and enlisted some strong family members to carry it in and slide the granite slab into place.  He secured it to the cabinets with silicone.  Then he installed the same backsplash we have running through the rest of our kitchen using this method.  We used rope tiles to finish off the edges.  Finally, he added a smaller slab of granite to use a shelf and secured it to the wall with brackets drilled through the tile into studs.  You may remember me scouring for ideas to add some interest above the shelf, but for now we’re sticking with our rustic frame for some decor.

We think it’s much improved:)  What about you?  How would you fill a bare kitchen nook?


  1. Ooh, I love the new look, especially the tile! I like how you made a granite shelf too. Very nice! I just updated our desk area into a coffee station:
    Hope you’ll come check it out.

  2. This looks so GREAT!!
    Very nice job on the bar area!

  3. I love what ou did with the kitchen. We also hav concrete husband made them too! They have such a ice earthy look yet finished. We did the Chang look too. Remind people that you can personalize them by imbed ding things in them. We put three slices of agates by the looks like shot plate for pans and is a great conversation piece!

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