Christmas Card Ideas

After spending some time last night addressing all of our Christmas cards, I started thinking about all the different ideas out there today.  We loved the picture we took for our card this year {I’ll share it soon!}, but it came out much darker on our cards when we ordered than it was on the computer.  It lost a little of it’s magic, but that’s ok:)  Most people go for the traditional family pic, but if you haven’t created your cards yet and you are looking for something with a little more pizzaz this year, I found some funny ideas to spark your creativity.





And for all you dog lovers {like us} out there:



I love that last one.  We’ll have to use that some day with Pudgeman and Baby Girl:)  Have any of you ever sent out funny cards?  I’d love to see them!


  1. I loved the last one too!! Some very clever and cute ideas; oh to be so creative; lol!!! Can’t wait to see your card!!

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