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Hello everyone!

I have a very special treat to share today.  The wonderful Ashley and Jamin from The Handmade Home {one of my fave blogs} have been kind enough to share some of their DIY know-how and tips and tricks in a brand new ebook.  One of my favorite things about reading their blog is how funny, genuine, and open they are with their ideas, hopes, project successes and failures.  Ashley is a wonderful writer and this book reflects their style and personalities perfectly.  Here is a little sneak peak of some inspiration you may find in the book:

In the process of creating pieces for your home, a transformation occurs. In both you, and your lovely abode. You leave a personal impression…a mark if you will, on each project. With each piece, you lose a little fear. And gain a little bravery. Each creation is an extension of you. With every piece you create, you make your home yours. If your home is literally a piece of you… uniquely yours, how can you not help but love it? 

-Handmade Walls: 22 Inspiring Ideas on Bringing Your Walls to Life

Ashley writes so many encouraging posts to motivate you to go outside your box and create a home that reflects you and your family, rather than what it seems everyone else is doing or what the rules of decorating are.  I love that about her.  And I love that about this book.  So, what will you find in this book?  There are 22 projects, over 250 pages of inspiration, tutorials, creations, and plans for bringing some style into your home.  It’s realistic, user-friendly and really pretty to look at:)  Here are some sneak peaks of what you’ll get:







Oh, so true, Nester.  Aren’t the projects and pictures gorgeous?  The average cost to complete a project in the book comes out to only about $35.  Much less expensive than buying everything from a store.  And much prettier:)  There are three main sections: frames, art, and functional handmade walls.  There are lots of different skill level projects in the book so there is something for everyone.  Each project comes with step-by-step illustrations, photography, tips, and tricks.  Each project also comes with a cut and supply list, price breakdown, difficulty level, and estimated time to complete the project.  That way you can read through and know what to plan for ahead of time.  Pretty fool-proof!  There is also a reference guide and supplies glossary where Ashley and Jamin share advice on their favorite tools, paint colors, and step-by-step techniques to help you out as you create.

Beautiful homes aren’t purchased in one day. They aren’t bought ‘as a room’, and they aren’t thrown together overnight. They probably aren’t even held in a collective grandiose round of applause, given their one of a kind unique nature based on who put them together. Maybe, one of a kind homes are only appreciated by the creator and those who dwell there. Truly beautiful homes are created over time. They’re crafted carefully by an artist who loves to tweak a canvas. They are an honest, illuminating reflection of those who live there. We hope you feel inspired to create a home of your own, and leave your stamp.

-Handmade Walls : 22 Inspiring Ideas on Bringing Your Walls to Life.

The book is only $9.95 and comes in an easy-to-use PDF.  Just click, download, and read.  I have my copy and have already picked out a couple projects that may just be perfect to add to the baby’s room:)

So, what are you waiting for?  Head over and order your copy today!


  1. Thank you so very much, Jessie! HUGS to you! Let us see what ya make if you get a chance…I’d love to see! Hope things are great with you ;}

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