It’s Officially the Holiday Season!

Happy November!

Ok, be honest.  Now that Halloween is over, who else is ready to pull out the winter coats and sing a Christmas song?  Every time I see this Target cmmercial, it gets me excited to shop like a fool and throw Christmas decor all over the house.  I’m already dreaming of what projects I want to complete this winter:)

What about you?  Do you take it one holiday at a time or have you already starting climbing up in the attic for garland and lights?  Am I the only one ready for the holiday season or are you all with me?

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  1. Angela Jones says:

    It’s funny you should say that! I was talking to mom last night and said I am thinking about getting out the Christmas tree and putting it up next week! Don’t think I will decorate until the tradional time of Thanksgiving weekend but now that I have an artificial tree (it has always been our tradition to cut our own Christmas tree) I can put it up whenever I want!! Can’t wait to see what cute decorating ideas you have this year!!

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