Day 22: Kitchen Bar Dilemma

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a relaxing weekend.  I know the leaves around here were at their peak and were gorgeous so it was fun just driving around and seeing all the pretty fall colors.  We didn’t have a whole lot planned this weekend, but ended up tackling a few DIY projects that were not even on our radar.  I think it’s more fun that way-you don’t feel like you are doing something you have to get done, we just wanted to do it.  A completely spontaneous pantry remodel turned out fabulous.  I put up some “wallpaper,” added a gorgeous laquered black glass pane door, and added some organization to it.  I have a few more containers to buy, but as soon as I have those done, I’ll be sure to share it all:)  We have also been working on a kitchen bar for, oh, about 3 months now, and are getting close to being done.  I’ll have a full reveal, source list, and tutorials coming as soon as it’s done, but we are trying to decide what to do to finish it and I need your help.  We originally thought we would build a wine rack in the center with a small shelf on either side, but now that we have the granite shelf installed above the backsplash, we aren’t sure if that’s still the route we want to go.  We’ve talked about adding more shelves, still possibly doing a smaller wine rack, or even just adding some artwork and calling it a day.  This is what the bar currently looks like.

And here are some options I found searching around online.  Wine glass holders, shelves with extra storage, or a wine rack that sort of doubles as art.








So, I’m interested to hear your thoughts.  What should we do to fill the space above our shelf?


  1. Angela Jones says:

    Well I am not near the decorator you are but I have a couple thoughts; not knowing exactly how to put it all togeter; of course that is where you come in; haha! I liked the faint design on the wall on the last picture and I think it would look good to do a stencil of some sort; loved your bathroom; to make it interesting. I still like the wine rack idea but also liked the candle on the side in the other picture you had or maybe a small cool light fixture of some sort. I know you will come up with something fabulous and can’t wait to see it!!

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