Day 20: Insta Pics

Hi everyone!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  I haven’t shared any Instagram pics in awhile so I thought I would share a few I’ve taken over the past few weeks.

Last weekend we were at the cabin and Pudgie and I went for a gorgeous morning walk while Mike was out scouring the woods for a deer.

Sunday night, when we got home, we were catching up on some really serious television from last week {aka Jersey Shore} when our power went out.  It stayed out for close to an hour so we decided to have dessert by candlelight.  It was actually sort of nice to have everything shut down for awhile.

We’ve been feasting on lots of warm, comfort foods lately and this homemade chicken noodle soup was delish.

I love when I get texts {even if there is a typo} from my hubby about random “trash” that he found that he thinks I would want:)  By the way, it was totally worth looking into and hopefully we will have a new, gorgeous door installed in our house soon!

And, of course, I always have quite a few pics of the Pudge dog to share:)  He recently rediscovered his old tennis balls and has been wanting to play nonstop.

And then can’t quite get out of bed in the mornings because he’s so tired.  Rough life:)

Have a great weekend!

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