Weekly Cleaning Schedule {Organization}

Mike and I aren’t great cleaners.  It’s just a fact of our household.  We typically have the house picked up {not fans of clutter and I go crazy if there are still dirty dishes in the sink when I wake up}, but really clean?  Not our top priority.  So, we recently decided to get our booties in gear and set up a schedule to keep our house not just picked up, but actually clean.  Of course, it would be much more fun to keep track of if it’s on a pretty little framed printable:)

To keep this manageable and quick, we decided to take every other day so we are each doing a “chore” a few days a week that are simple and fast.  I have Monday and Wednesday, Mike has Tuesday and Thursday, and we’ll both pitch in on the weekend agenda.  Each chore only takes about 20 minutes so it makes it feel like it’s no big deal to vacuum really quickly, where cleaning the whole house on a Saturday became overwhelming so we just didn’t do it:)  We’re hoping this plan sticks.  It’s only week 1 so I can’t say that it has worked miracles yet, but we typically do pretty well with following our schedules so I’ll keep you posted on how well it works.  {Side note-Mike already did his Thursday chore and will do his Tuesday chore today so ignore the non-checked boxes:)} Here is a blank one you can print for yourself.

I bought another cheapo Dollar Tree frame and added it to our pantry door with our monthly budget sheet and weekly menu planner.  It’s not the fanciest or prettiest space, but we use it everyday and love how easy it is to wipe on and off with the dry erase marker.  Functional.

How do you keep your house clean on a regular basis?  Anyone have a great system to share?

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  1. I really like that idea…never thought of that. I post about organization and cleaning schedules on Thursdays. I’d love to post about your cleaning schedule on my blog, if that is okay.

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