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I’m back today with a tour of my classroom!  Mike and I ran over last weekend and snapped some pics.  This was set up to have books scanned so you can ignore the stacks of books on all the desks-they are now all neatly put away.  I also have a few things for open house set out {which was last night-I’m excited about my class!}.  So there has been some give and take since these pics, but you can get the gist:)

This is my space.  I rearranged the layout of my desk and computer desk this year so it’s kind of like a little box.  Before I had them in one long line so this should be more space efficient.

And this is my little organization station.  The long red hanging folders hold our weekly assignments, a space for papers to be filed, and sub plans for an emergency.  I also have schedules, phone numbers, and grade scales hanging on the board.  Along with some pics of me and Mike:)

Kind of moving clockwise around the room, you can see our meeting area here.  Ignore the less than stylish rug, it was a hand-me-down that desperately needs replacing, but does the job:)

I would also like to refinish the rocking chair my principal bought me a few years ago.  Super comfortable though.  The little red chair next to it is for my Teacher Helper for the week.  Very exciting for a 6 year old to sit in front of the class during morning meeting:)  We meet here and chat in the mornings, read stories, and I usually explain directions down here before sending them to their seats. The chalk board {which I use a bulletin boards since I write on the white board or multimedia system} behind the rocking chair is my Daily 5 board.  I am excited to start a different language arts block.  Next to the red chair is my whiteboard.  I had it set up for Meet the Teacher night in this pic.

Next I have 5 classroom computers on an L shaped table, which we use for stations.  Above those is my standards board.  I will post the objectives/standards for the week here.

Next to this is the door that leads into the classroom next door.  On that door I have our Positive Points charts.  This is where students earn points for good behavior.  Once they reach certain numbers of points, they get different colored silicone wristbands which will earn them access to a big end-of-the-year celebration, depending on what level they reach.  My charts weren’t hung when I snapped the pic, but hopefully you get the point!

Next to that is my weekly job chart and hanging mailboxes for student papers.  I like these mailboxes because they save counter space!

I apparently didn’t snap a picture of the next part of the room, but we have 2 restrooms, a sink, drinking fountain, and cubbies for students to hang their backpacks and coats.  Continuing from there are my closets.  I spent some time this summer creating some new posters and ideas from my School Pinterest board, including these two posters.  I took a couple that I had pinned, reworded and put them in my own font, and created them on the poster maker at our school.  I also made this simple Wonder Wall.  Since I am teaching high ability and high achieving students, I thought they may enjoy an area where they can write questions they think of while reading or in class that we can pull down and try to answer or research during an extra few minutes during the day.  I just stuck some post-its on there that they can pull down to write their question on.

Next to that is my file cabinet.  Ohhh.  Ahhh:)  Then the writing center.  This is part of the Daily 5-Work on Writing.  I have writing prompts in the basket, notebooks that will have a specific topic on the cover {my favorite memory, my best friends, etc.} that all students can contribute to.  There are also fun letter stamping markers, smelly markers, and pencils they can use.

The next board {which I apparently forgot to snap a picture of also} has my behavior system.  It is a school wide-system called PGES CARES.  I have a pocket chart with a card for each student where they will get marks for misbehaving.  There are consequences associated with the number of marks they get.  This card goes home each Friday to be signed by parents.  I also have a cart of iPads there!!  Woohoo!  All K and 1 teachers have classroom sets of iPads to use with our kiddos.  So cool.  Next to that is my calendar area. I also keep pens, pencils, crayons, and remotes for my multimedia system here.  When I am writing on the small desk to the left, it projects on the screen.  I found those great magnetic bins at the Dollar Tree and covered them in scrapbook paper.

Next I have my listening center table and then the Pride Pat board.  This is a reward system for the whole class.  If we are really quiet in the hall or do a nice job in specials, I or another teacher we pass can give our class a Pride Pat.  Once we earn 25, we get to have an ice cream party or extra recess!  Fun incentive for the kids to keep each other in check.

The last wall houses my classroom library.  I have 2 bookshelves full of books that are sorted into bins by category {animals, farms, etc.}.  Then my under the window shelves house my books that are sorted by level.  Some of my pretty labels fell off so it looks a little sad for the time being until I can remake the new ones.

Above the shelves are my word wall and two large windows.  I hung this poster that I remade from a pin I saw on Pinterest.  Love love love.

One last Pinterest idea, I put a bunch of different colored highlighters into a basket.  Students will have to highlight their name before turning their papers into the basket.  Hopefully this will eliminate the dreaded no-named paper!

Oh, and my cute door sign is hanging when you enter:)

Whew that was a long post!  Hope you enjoyed my tour:)  School is in session tomorrow….ahhh!

Any other teachers out there?  Any great organizational or classroom layout ideas to share?  I’d love to hear!


  1. Patty Hyde says:

    I love this post, you are so creative. Your room looks warm and comforting and very stimulating for young minds.

    Great job Jessie.

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