Wood Laundry Signs

Hi everyone!  You may or may not have noticed that there has been a little bit of a lag here on the blog lately.  We got back yesterday from a 12 day vacation {where I stayed away from the internet as much as possible} and as much fun as we had, I can definitely say there’s no place like home:)  In a nutshell, I spent 2 days in Atlanta for the Haven conference and had an absolute blast, learned lots of stuff, and made some great new friends.  Mike met me there on the last day of the conference and we set off the next morning for Hilton Head.  We spent 5 days playing on the beach and relaxing.  It was wonderful:)  Then we headed to Gatlinburg for 4 days to meet up with my whole family to celebrate my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary.  I’ll have the longer version coming in the next week or two with plenty of pics and travel tips to share.  So from Hotlanta, to the beach to the mountains, we covered a lot of ground over the last week and a half and were exhausted when we got home.  After a 3 hour family nap, we are starting to feel like ourselves again:)  My plan for today…catching up on lots of trashy reality tv, editing tons of vacation pics, and buying food for our empty kitchen!  Don’t worry though, I have lots of blog posts and DIY projects lined up to make up for my lack of blogging lately!  Starting today with a project I shared over at the CSI Project last week.  It’s one last fun laundry project...

When we made over our kitchen last summer and installed an apron front sink, we had to take off two faux drawer fronts that have since been collecting dust in a closet.  I decided this wood challenge was the perfect time to pull them out and do something fun.  Enter wood {faux drawer} sign!  I started by taking the drawer fronts outside to prep for paint.

I used leftover paint from the cabinets we painted and installed in the laundry room {it’s called Elephant Skin by Behr}.

After the two coats dried, I decided to add a little design to the drawers.  I grabbed a make-up applicator that I had on hand and used it as a stamp.

I dipped it into an accent color paint sample that I used on some laundry room art work and stamped it all over the boards.

And I had these fun square stamps.

Next, I took some sand paper and lightly sanded the whole board for a distressed look.

The last step was to stencil on some laundry words.

And that’s it!  A couple of fun, free simple signs to spruce up the laundry room.




  1. Very cute! I love the colors of your laundry room. They’re so clean and cheerful. I totally laughed that that grey color is called “Elephant Skin” haha

    The “drop your pants here” sign is hilarious! :)

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