Laundry Cabinets, Counter and DIY Shelves

Well the day has come.  The last tutorial in the laundry room makeover extravaganza.  Actually it was a pretty non-stressful or time-consuming makeover, but who doesn’t love a little added drama?  I think I told you before, but we scored these cabinets for free from Mike’s work.  This is what they looked like when we brought them home.


I know, I can’t believe we painted them either.  Just kidding.  They were pretty blah and boring.  Here are the paint swatches we used for the room again:

Elephant Skin by Behr was the cabinet color.  I used a semi-gloss paint for easy cleaning and a little shimmer.  To prep the cabinets, I sanded the wood grain down lightly and them primed everything.


I gave it all two coats of primer and two coats of paint.  A little trick I came up with to paint the bottom of the cabinets {that I am very proud of, by the way} was to shim them up.  That way when you paint the bottom it doesn’t get all over the ground.  Yes, a drop cloth would work also but that was otherwise occupied {I’ll show you for what later in the post}.

The cabinet counter was pretty pathetic also.  Some sort of off-white laminate.  We decided spray paint could be a fun option to use here.  After perusing the selection at Home Depot, we ended up coming home with Rustoleum’s multicolored textured paint.  Yes, that does mean the finish will be slightly textured, but it also gives it  a sort of stone look.  Since this counter will be rarely used {besides folding clothes}, we weren’t concerned about the slight rough finish.  The look was worth it to us.

I used three cans of paint to cover this counter.  So for $15, we have a new counter.  I tried to spray long, even strokes to keep everything as even as possible, but there is still some slight color variation throughout.

Once it was all covered, I gave it two coats of poly to help keep it locked in.

And, lastly, for the shelves, we used two leftover pieces of particle board from our closet makeover.  Mike cut them to size and I painted them to match the cabinets.  We used inexpensive brackets from Menards to secure them in place.  Mike found the studs, made sure they were level, and drilled them into place.

Ok, now you officially have all the tips tricks and tutorials on our laundry room:)

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  1. Angela Jones says:

    Love the new laundry room and the colors you used are beautiful! I would never have thought to paint the white countertop with the spray you used; gives it a nice high end look! Also like the black hardware on the drawers/doors! Another great job!!

  2. Brenda Parsons says:

    oh my gosh!! I love love it and the color so awesome. I dont have own laundry room I have washer/dryer in kitchen.. We will move to another house next year to have more room I really like the color you have right now..Awesome girl!! great job .. LUV IT!!!!!


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