The Power of Paint

A friend of mine had mentioned they were looking for a dresser so when we made over our master closet, we decided it was high time we got rid of the old dresser Mike’s sister had given him years ago.  Yes, his sister.  Meaning there were flowers painted on it from when she was younger and someone at some point tried to paint over them.  It covered the flowers, but didn’t do much to spruce it up.  Anyway, we offered the dresser to our friends and they were happy to accept…with the terms that I would come over and help re-do it:)  Which I was thrilled to do.  Here’s what we started with {I apologize for the iphone quality pics coming your way}:

I promise we were trying to be nice when we gave them the dresser.  Even though it looks like we were throwing junk at our friends, we really weren’t.  However, there were a few minor fixes that had to be taken care of…

So, Emily and I sat out in her drive way one pretty day during my spring break and sanded and painted our little hearts away.  There’s nothing like a few hours in the sun, lots of girl talk, and a little DIY:)  We ended up using some leftover paint I had laying around the house {Emily wanted a cream color} and the only thing she had to buy were some new knobs.  Emily snapped these pics in her bedroom after it was finished and sent them to me last week.

Looks like new, right?  She is very happy with the result and I loved helping.  Moral of the story?  Don’t toss old furniture just because it may look a little worn.  Paint can work wonders:)


  1. Maggie B. says:

    Wow! That looks better than it did when I painted those flowers on it! Shocking. :) Glad that thing is still kicking. Good job.

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