Kitchen Towel Pillow

Today’s tutorial is a how-to on how I created the simple pillow on our new window seat.  This little project came from a lack of inspiring fabrics.  I couldn’t find anything that I really loved at any of our local fabric stores and when I spied this sweet little kitchen towel at Target, I knew I could make it work as a pillow.


  • kitchen towel
  • scrap fabric for center {I used about 7″ of extra drop cloth}
  • sewing machine
  • coordinating thread

I started by cutting my towel in half lengthwise.  I laid out the drop cloth over the pillow and measured how large it needed to be.  To cover my pillow, I needed about 7″ wide by 23″ long to wrap around the pillow.  Then I simply pinned them right sides together and sewed both pieces of my towel to the drop cloth fabric.

Then I wrapped the whole thing around the pillow, pinned it wrong-side-out, and sewed a seam to close the back.

Next I closed the ends.  I flipped it right side out and just sewed a seam along the hem of the towel.  I wanted to keep the ends open-I think it gives it a bit of a “bow” affect.

After I sewed one end, I put the case back on and pinned the other end.

I sewed the second end with the pillow in and shoved it through my machine.

And you have a finished pillow.  The total cost for this project was about $2.50 for the towel.  The drop cloth and pillow insert I already had on hand.  I absolutely love how it looks on the new seat:)


  1. Angela Jones says:

    The towel pillow is absolutely adorable and the window seat and bookcases are simply awesome! Great job you two!!!

  2. What a great addition to your fabulous kitchen window seat. Love that the inspiration fabric is a kitchen towel … and love the price tag!



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