March Wrap-Up

Well I’m a week late on getting this post up, but better late than never, right?  Let’s blame it on spring break laziness.   Anyway, let’s take a look back on what got done around here in March.

I started out by sharing my dreams of building a window seat...which is almost done by the way!  I thought I would be able to show it to you yesterday or today but we have decided to add one more element to the bookcase so it will be next week now probably:)

Mike built these great centerpiece boxes for a friend’s bridal shower.  A quick DIY for ya.

We took an old table Mike’s dad built about 30 years ago and cut it in half to make two different bench seats.  I shared the first style here and just realized I never shared the second!  I’ll get that ready:)

A tutorial for the cushion came next...

Then I shared how I created a pretty soft striped rug from a plain Ikea rug.

Back to the built-in progress in the bedroom, I began working on window treatments.  I love how this roller shade looked, but it later broke the spring:(

So I made a few tweaks and it became a just-as-pretty faux roman shade.

To add some spring to our decor, I created this simple mossy wreath.

To keep the spring theme rolling, I spruced up our dining buffet with some thrifty decor

Possibly my favorite project of the month was this super simple gathered waist skirt.  It’s so comfortable and cute too:)

Since the bookcases were on their way, I started to get some inspiration for our bookcases here and then started styling ours {before they were completely done-I was too antsy!} with a few simple DIY additions.

And the last tutorial I shared was this delicious-made-up-name spicy chicken marinado {a mix of marinara and alfredo}.

I also shared about a thrifty website, asked for opinions on which dress to buy {and may not be getting a new one now at all…I may have accidentally spent my dress money elsewhere:)}, shared the home tour of the fabulous Amy Butler, my likes and dislikes of the month, and talked about how I stupidly had to get stitches in my hand this month.

I think I’ve done enough gabbing…your turn.  I’d love for you to share some things you accomplished this month!  Anyone try any of the projects/recipes we shared?  I’d love to hear!

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