Kitchen Commotion-I need your help!

Now that the dining room table is finished and furnished with our new chair covers, our poor old-dining-table-turned-kitchen-table is looking pretty lonely.

Yep, we’ve got no seats.  We actually pulled a couple of the dining chairs in here for now, but it feels so bare.  No worries though, we do have a plan on how to furnish this space.  Along with a new rug, we are going to make two bench seats for the sides {built from an old table!} and will buy two new end chairs {post on that coming up}.  Something like this-click on images for source:





Should be nice, cozy, and a little country:)  Just like the rest of our house.  I am planning to sew some new cushions for the benches and am having trouble deciding which style to go with and that’s where you come in!

Option 1:

Tufted Seat Cushion

Option 2:

Cushion with cording edge {also similar to the last inspiration picture from above}

I will be using the rest of the gray linen from my dining chair covers and will sew a tie to go underneath {like the Option 1 picture from Pottery Barn} with either option to keep them nice and secure.  Now cast your vote!  My indecisiveness is holding up this project:)


  1. I like the cushion with the cording edge. :)

  2. I vote for the tufted cushion.

  3. I love the tufted one also Jessie! But I have cushions with cording for my dining room chairs and they have held up very well. Either way I think they will look marvelous!I will be making a window seat for our cottage in Grandmas room so any advice you can give me on that I would greatly appreciate! You go girl you have great creativeness!

    • Thanks for the input, Susan! I will definitely keep you posted on what we decide to do and what we think after it’s done!

  4. I’m torn too and will be no help at all… To me the tufted cushion has a little more formal/stiff feel than the cushion with cording edge (soft/inviting). The gray fabric would look great either way it will just depend on the feel you are going for. Oh heck, I just convinced myself… I’m voting for the cushion with cording edge. Have fun! AJ@queenofmynest

  5. Hey Jessie! Corrie here (Maggie’s bf). I vote for the cording edge because we had some tufted kitchen chair cushions before and the holes trap crumbs and dog hair. They are hard to keep clean. Totally a practical reason though because they both look pretty. Keep up all your inspiring work :)

    • Hi Corrie! Thanks for the input-I think I was starting to lean towards the tufted look, but you may have just swayed my opinion:)


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